COUNTRY BOY MFG is your metal fabrication specialist ready to serve your needs with quick, qualtiy service

Some of our varied services are:
 Laser cutting 1/2" Plate 7' x 13' 6" capacity
 Custom Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum fabricating
 Mezzenine, Metal Stairs, as well as railing
 Replacement Agriculture equipment parts
 Horse sheds
 Steel Building parts
 Gravity Boxes
 Deisgn build services, Combining our ingenuity and our CAD software, and shop equipment we can take your project from a concept to a finished project ready for your assembly line, or use in your project.
 Take the Country Boy challenge. Give us a try see if you won't be pleasantly surprised by how well your project will go
  Looking for Replacement parts for you equipment, take a look at our line of available                                                                 replacement parts

Need custom replacement part made

Come and take a look at our custom manufacturing capabilities